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Low Back Pain

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Physio Performance for low back pain relief at Drogheda ,Co.Louth. You can get non-surgical treatment for your back pain at or clinic.

Postural Back Pain:

Symptoms seem to come on very gradually, with no specific injury leading to the onset of pain. It can begin as a small, localised ache, but can progress to widespread aching throughout the whole of the back, even as far as the neck. Pain begins as a result of fatigue and inflammation within overactive, over-tense muscle groups and ligament complexes, due to poor and often repetitive or prolonged postures place abnormal demands on these soft tissue systems. A good example of this would be an office worker , who finds themself leaning forward to work on a computer on a daily basis. This would lead to an abnormal posture of the spine, put strain through muscles and ligaments within the back, place abnormal loading through the spinal discs, and possibly also the small joints (facet joints) of the back. Other examples could include prolonged standing up to counters in poor positions, or long distance driving etc.

A simple enough concept to teach, good posture is important in maintaining a pain-free spine, but all too often this is disregarded and poor habits are formed.

Physiotherapy can assess the posture of an individual as a whole and correct this as necessary with education and hands-on facilitation. Advice can also be given regarding correct desk set-up and seating (ergonomics), appropriate manual handling at work and the use of items such as lumbar rolls etc. Physiotherapy treatment can also then address the tight muscles, soft tissues and joints that have become painful, using manual therapy techniques, deep tissue massage and if indicated, acupuncture. Physiotherapy then teach you how to work and strengthen the muscles that help support the spine and maintain good posture, through core stability work, (much like pilates), which is specific to your individual body's needs.

It is important to be aware that should you present with pain or altered sensation into both legs, numbness between your legs, uncontrolled gait, night sweats, severe night pain, unexplained weight loss, altered bladder or bowel problems which are associated with your back problem, or should you feel generally unwell alongside your back problem, you must see your GP immediately.

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