Top Tips for Running Your First 10k

Top Tips for Running Your First 10k With the 10k season in full swing we want to give you a couple of helpful tips to ensure that you run your best race. • Be prepared: Preparation for your 10 km should already be well underway 72 hours before the race. Avoid any...

The Glider

Attention all GAA Players – PREVENT HAMSTRING INJURIES An important goal of rehabilitation is not just to return the person back to full activities as soon as possible, but to also make sure as far as is possible that they don’t suffer a re- injury. Hamstring...

The World’s Greatest Stretch

This week’s exercise hasn’t earned its name for no reason and is one which we love here at Physio Performance Drogheda. Tight hip flexors? Tight Glutes? Tight Hamstrings? Tight Groin? Lacking some mobility in your Back & Hips?….Fear not, this stretch ticks...

Couch Stretch

Tight Quads?? Tight Hip Flexors?? Sit all Day?? Then do the Couch Stretch!! For someone like me whos flexibility and mobility isn’t the greatest even getting into this position is tough work but it’s a fanastic way to get an intense stretch on the quad...

The Swiss-Ball Hamstring Rollout

Get Long to Get Strong ?? Here at Physio performance we firmly believe that in order to strengthen our Hamstrings we must load them in a lengthened position which is why the Swiss ball Hamstring rollout is an exercise that we love. The Swiss-ball hamstring rollout is...

Front Plank with Hip Extension

The crucial role that the Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Maximus play in the prevention of injury in the lower limb has been shown over and over again. Therefore the importance of training these muscles to increase strength, neuromuscular control, stability and...

RUNNING INJURY: What should I do?????

If you run then the chances of picking up a running-related injury at some stage are actually quite high, around 85% !!!!!!!! (But imagine if you weren’t running and all the negative effects it would be having on your body, buts that’s a story for another day!!!!) The...

Lunge Exercise: How to Perform

If there’s any exercise that could be considered the bread and butter of many a fitness routine, it’s the bodyweight static lunge. It is an incredibly effective exercise as it targets mainly the quadriceps but also hits the glutes, hamstrings, calves and core In terms...



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